Established in 2004, Shimmers Jewels Pvt. Ltd. is an inspiration & creation of Sumeet Sethi, Director of the firm. He visited gems & jewellery exhibition in Chicago in 2001 and conceptualised this unique business trend.


Pre-Paid Gift Vouchers:

Pre-Paid gift vouchers with one year validity from purchase date in the denominations of Rs 1000, 5000, and 10000 allow the customers to purchase from exclusive collections of finest gold and diamond jewellery.

Post-Paid Gift Vouchers:

This option is open for our registered corporate customers only. Payment for gift vouchers can be made after the transaction has taken place. Vouchers have one year validity from the date of purchase and only large corporate houses can avail of this option.

Diamond Certification:

Diamonds above 23 carats in various sizes and quality grades are certified by renowned international lads like 61A, I61, EGL etc. There are 14 most important criteria on the basis of which diamond are graded and priced in international market and all the details are given in the certificate.

Laser Persona:

Solitaires from SJPL are laser inscribed by state-of- the-art machinery. Each solitaire is laser inscribed with a serial number or certified number. This facility also allows customers to create inscriptions of virtually any texture logo on the girdles of polished diamonds You can even personalize your diamond by inscribing message.

Hall Marking:

Hall Marking is a 700 hundred years old method of assessing the purity of gold. Each piece of hall marked jewellery is certified by the bureau of Indian Standard[BIS]- -a body mandated by Govt. of India thereby providing a third party assurance.

Own History Acquire Eternity:

Estate or pre-owned jewellery sale is organised between two parties through this unique programme by adopting a transparent brokerage arrangement with all prices disclosed. For the buyer this would mean a continuation of the pedigree of heirlooms.

Custom Design:

Get excited and pamper yourself by designing your own jewellery of SJPL by either brining your own gems or select from a wide range of gem inventory. Our design team will assist you in showcasing an array of custom designs to choose from or present your own design. We share your enthusiasm in doing so.

Sumeet Sethi - Shimmers Jewels

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"Shimmers Jewels was launched when diamond jewellery was considered to be something to be worn occasionally. Shimmers Jewels with clear view of future shifted the paradigm from "occasionally" to "every occasion". Shimmers jewellery is high quality, fine-finished, machine made, branded, diamond studded and it comes in 18 carat gold.