- How is cut measured?

To define a diamond's cut rating, an optical evaluating device makes a three-dimensional model to determine the diamond's proportions and angles. The interrelations between these various lengths & heights will greatly affect how light reacts once it enters and how it be good upon departing the diamond. By using computer sculpting, it is possible to trace light behavior and measure its intensities of brilliance, and sparkle as it departs the top of the diamond, mentioned to as the face-up look by gemologists.

- What's the difference between Ideal Cut and Shimmers Jewels Ideal Cut in round diamonds?

Nevertheless both cuts are of a very high excellence, the Shimmers Jewels diamond obeys to the most firm cut rating standards within the perfect cut grade, ensuring these diamonds are the premier quality ideal cut diamonds you can find.

- What are polish and symmetry? How do they affect sparkle?

Polish defines the softness of a diamond's surfaces, and symmetry denotes to the placement of the facets. Despite the fact, polish and symmetry are worthy of observing, cut grade is far more important. Polish and symmetry can be useful in picking between two diamonds that are otherwise same.

- Does clarity grade affect a diamond's sparkle and brilliance?

Clarity is a measure of the amount and size of the minute flaws that occur in almost all diamonds. Because these imperfections incline to be minuscular, they do not affect a diamond's beauty in any apparent way. Thus, while the brilliance and sparkle of a well-cut diamond can benefit cover-up the flaws of a diamond with a lower clarity grade, it is difficult to visualize a state where a diamond's imperfections are as huge and noticeable as to ruin a diamond's sparkle and brilliance. Regardless, Shimmers Jewels would never sell a diamond of such low clarity.

- What is hall marking?

Hall Marking is a 700 hundred years old method of assessing the purity of gold. Each piece of hall marked jewellery is certified by the bureau of Indian Standard[BIS]- -a body mandated by Govt. of India thereby providing a third party assurance.

- We do custom design?

Get excited and pamper yourself by designing your own jewellery of SJPL by either brining your own gems or select from a wide range of gem inventory. Our design team will assist you in showcasing an array of custom designs to choose from or present your own design. We share your enthusiasm in doing so.

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